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Food Photography Studio. John Munro Recipe Cards


Food Photography Studio. John Munro Recipe Cards
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How to make simple recipes seem appealing and special.  That was the challenge to us at the studio.  Low budget meals, that could be used at different times yet made the dish feel special.  As before we went to our extensive recipe library and chose 20 different options to match the products John Munro provided – that ranged from belly pork to mince.  Then we went a little creative – reducing the cost of the recipes involved and then repacking them so that they tasted nice.  Then shipped the options over to John Munros for the decision.

The image over is belly pork deep fried in a simple packet stuffing for bread crumbs.  Great for children to have a go at cooking with – another aspect John Munro wanted us to look as part of their Eat Well Cook Simple range of ideas that we branded and created for hem.  This treat meal worked out at less than £1 per person!

So the approach, well its simple.  the client gives the studio a list of the products they wish to promote as a recipe.  We sort the recipes out – around 20 to choose from. The client then sits back and waits for the output – simple.  We cook, style and photo shoot the product as the recipe – sometimes with branded packaging others not – then ship the images digitally to you.  Some of our clients want us to create simple recipe cards – you can see examples on our case study library and others want posters.  yes, we do both as we have a small design team in the studio.


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