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22nd June 2017 Off By YRSMarketing


Food Photographer, Food Photography – John Munro Posters.

Did we say we were once marketing consultants…  Admittedly some ten years back or so but the skills are still there and when clients hear about it, we get asked to do a bit of design.  Nothing too clever mind you as we’re up to our necks in photography now the two studios are full steam a head.  On this occasions we were asked to first cook, style then photoshoot the products concerned for the campaign and create point of sales materials for the John Munro shop group – namely posters and adverts.  The original request was an extension of the recipe card idea – a large image of the product and the logo.  So we took it a bit further and created a new brand promise for the campaign – eat well and cook simple, linked it to both product and recipe cards and then set the age old challenge of ask you butcher and get the best.  Simple but it seems to have worked nicely.

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