Food & Food Product Photographer. Confectionary. Marshmallow Lady.

Food Photographer. Confectionary. Marshmellow Lady.



Food Photographer. Confectionary. Marshmellow Lady.
Food Photographer. Confectionary. Marshmellow Lady. (Copyright Protected, Watermarked, IP Monitored)

Food Product Photographer. Confectionary. Marshmallow Lady.

The flavours of marshmallow here are quite extraordinary – crushed lime, rose water (Turkish delight to normal people!!) caramel and intense vanilla – all hand made and quite exquisite.  Although Marshmallow Lady are based in Edinburgh, we shot this commission for our client in our Cannock Food Photography Studio.  As a studio, like our other studio in the Highlands it has an extensive prop cupboard and a very large range of backgrounds – why did we use Cannock – we had a load of other shoots to deal with down here!

We were asked to shoot around 12 flavours in this commission, our approach being to bring the raw ingredients flavours out with each of the styles adopted.  Add to this we used a rear lamp that had been colour set to ‘sunset’ light to create strong shadows creating shape and form and the occasional shaft of light to highlight individual features of the marshmallow segment.

So first of all the food photography studio went into prop buying mode – ingredients were bought from local suppliers in Cannock and Stafford – ranging from limes to vanilla pods all purchased fresh for the morning shoot, icing sugar as well and then the buyers turned to props.  We went for a simple hessian mat background and then used Victorian fruit forks to set a little panache within the image.

This image used Orios (yes, they are crushed as an ingredient to this flavour of marsh mallow) – these biscuits seem to be being used everywhere, from ice cream additions to now marshmallow – so we broke these as if the marshmallow were the result of the making process.  The packaging set to the bottom corner showing a sample display pack.  The backgrounds which were made specifically for this shoot were a distressed dark green colour with yellow / paprika (Rose Paints) splashes added to the distress areas.  When we applied the sunset light the colour pallet changed – sending the green to a dark colour and emphasising the yellow pain highlights.  Using 50M pixel definition cameras means that not only can the images be used in website work but also display work as well.

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