Beverage Photographer. Beverages. Soft Drinks. Bottega Siciliana.

Food & Beverage Photographer Edinburgh. Bottega Siciliana.


Food & Beverage Photographer Edinburgh. Bottega Siciliana.
Food & Beverage Photographer Edinburgh. Bottega Siciliana. (Copyright Protected, Watermarked, IP Monitored)

Food & Beverage Photographer, Food & Beverage Photography – Bottega Siciliana


After the weather we’ve had in Edinburgh recently, one of these would have come in nice at any time of the day – incredibly fresh natural fruit juice in a bottle! Just add ice and chill – bring the sunshine on eh!

A nice range of products for this product photography shoot from blood orange and fresh lemon to almond milk. We created a scene that reflected the handmade nature of the products, a traditional kitchen based around 1950 including vintage juice press, weighing scales and other kitchen features, blurred in the background through the use of a low focal length on a Canon EOS 1/ L series combination rig. Ingredients were then suggested but not too much as the product had to shine in the image not the fresh ingredients. As for lighting – we set up a studio lighting rig to the left and rear. Yes two units to create the effect of a window to the side of the bottle and one to shine through the liquid where possible to increase the impact of colour.  We know that window light is often sighted as best but we’ve been experimenting on using low level continuous lighting units – and they work really well and constantly.  The issue is to work the strength combination out to the time of day.  Day light is really great apart from the fact that is changes by weather and time of year – this way we beat nature!  As for flatware – circa 1920s – a real find as it was stuck in a draw of a walnut sideboard we bought for the farmhouse – a real piece of luck.

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