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Bee pollen, Hebridian sea salt and fig… just a few of the ingredients that are used in this wafer thin, exquisite fine chocolate that makes a bar seem refined rather than buying a commercial bulk chocolate product.  The feel of the product from Edinburgh’s Ocelot makes it feel special, the finish to the product extremely high without marks or processing errors.  Very refined!  The challenge with this food photography shoot was the ingredients… have you ever thought where you could buy a prop called bee pollen…  The things we have to do in food photography, replicating bee pollen in the winter wasn’t right on the tips of our tongues, but do it we did!

Food Photography Edinburgh - Ocelot Chocolate
Food Photography Edinburgh – Ocelot Chocolate (Copyright Protected, Watermarked, IP Monitored)


Then we had the approach to light – we went for a very seductive low light – a smouldering light to show the decadence of the product.  To do this we used one of the many light balanced lamp units we’ve had made – ranging for lighting conditions in spring and those in summer – yes steadily more orange in tone and those food photography studio lights that range from sunrise to sunset – where we fan the range of the light.  Great stuff!


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