Commercial Photographer. Windfarm Engineering. Hanson Group.

Commercial Photographer. Windfarm Engineering. Hanson Group.

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Commercial Photographer Hanson Group.

Commercial Photographer Hanson Group. (Copyright Protected, Watermarked, IP Monitored)

This huge – and I mean huge – structure is in the middle of one of the most remote places in the UK. It takes an hour at 20miles an hour (you can’t go any faster!!) to get to this place passing through electronic check points and as for the weather…. less said the better, thank goodness we went for studio 4x4s and not vans.

We were there to catalogue a ‘pour’ for the German concrete company Hanson and to then shoot surroundings and construction.

The building was to house huge substations and the ‘pour’ a huge, slow pour of concrete into vast plinths, which would house the cables coming into the substation – fire proof concrete – as the cable temperatures can be so high.  Workman vibrated the concrete, as it was slowly lowered bucket by bucket to make the cast as solid as it could be.

So there we were, in torrential rain, in a small covered area as the roof was being still put on, shooting away in terrible light, capturing the process adorned in safety wear and dodging the splashes of concrete as and when we got too close. The brief was to capture the entire process and branding from lorry delivery to vibration and bucket lift. Once complete we then went through the building, the images like this one- the one and only time the sun came out, shining through a haze of fine rain.  Thank goodness for camera armour- but we will now be investing in lens weather gear though!  The scale of the construction – and we’re used to huge buildings was on a completely different level to what we’ve experience and the ‘boys toys’ like the JCB, well you can’t help but get excited by them and many of them enormous as they carved the roadways and platforms for the wind turbines!  The images collected were processed in 48 hours and shot down to London using Dropbox.

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YRSCommercial (Your Reflection Studio) is a commercial photography studio and specialising in interiors, architecture, product and food images, based in the West Midlands and Scotland and working throughout the United Kingdom. We work with businesses, producers, restaurants, media, designers and property owners, creating images for commercial, editorial, promotional, business and industrial needs, as-well-as for media and agencies and marketing designers all over the UK.


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YRSCommercial (Your Reflection Studio). Commercial, Business, Industrial, Food, Architectural, Interiors , Press & Product Studio

YRSCommercial, Commercial photography studio.

YRSCommercial (Your Reflection Studio), a business and corporate photography studio is based in the Midlands and Scotland, working throughout the UK. We work with business, media and editors, creating images of interiors,architecture, product and food, all over the UK. YRSCommercial (Your Reflection Studio), Commercial Photographer.

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