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Commercial Photographer Skye, Kiltaraglen House Portree



Style: Interior Photographer, Interior Photography – Kiltaraglen House Portree

Just outside Portree, away from the hustle and bustle of the pretty town, going north to Saffin one of the wildest places to visits in Skye whether you look for landscape or dinosaur fossils, you will find Kiltaraglen – a stunning old farmhouse style bed and Breakfast run by a family with a passion for life, family and yes, cooking!  We were asked in for two commissions really, the first to capture life in the bed and breakfast, the fine cooking, the atmosphere – the very warm and friendly welcome.

Commercial Photographer Skye, Kiltaraglen House Portree
Commercial Photographer Skye, Kiltaraglen House Portree (Copyright Protected, Watermarked, IP Monitored).

The second part something we do not really get involved with as a professional commercial photography specialist was to capture the owners family – not only as portraits but simply enjoying running the BNB – so it sort of fits into commercial portraits… at a push!  To be honest, we approached the entire shoot outside the interior photography with the lush fabrics used and stunning farmhouse comforts – from a distance.  Using a long lens we simply observed the dinning function and captured conversations, the sunlight streaming in the the room making all the images light and airy – despite the cold wind outside.  As for the kitchen – which is huge…  we had a terrible time!!  They can’t stop laughing!!  Which causes all of us to loose facial control, it took ages!!!  A great fun shoot, capturing some amazingly happy people doing a job the love and in a place that complements all their efforts.

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Your Reflection Studio, Commercial Photography.
Your Reflection Studio, Commercial Photography.

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