Commercial Photographer.  Roberstons Group. Timber Kit Housing.

Commercial Photographer. Roberstons Group. Timber Kit Housing.

29th October 2017 Off By YRSMarketing
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Commercial Photographer. Robertsons Group.

Commercial Photographer. Robertsons Group. (Copyright Protected, Watermarked, IP Monitored)

The shoot, to capture the manufacture of timber frame house kits, that when assembled form the basis of most houses in the north and north east of Scotland. With specific focus on a new assembly process for pre-assembled units with their double glazing installed.  These units have a simple but very effective bracketing system that when extended moves the window from the timber frame and into position for the brickwork, which sits on the outside of the timber frame section.

It’s quite amazing to watch sections of timbers literally being cut to length and then trollies of timber moved to work centres, which are then built to drawings, the sections of timber wall then can be assembled on site.  Having always shot house bulding on site, with bricklayers carpenters etc working away, to see a house being ‘manufactured’ for assembly on site like flat-pack furniture was quite an experience to say the least. 

Having worked out their workflow, it was then a matter of first studying each workcentre’s individual workflow and then a case of capturing this visually.  This is OK if the assembly process is the same, but if the drawing changed then the shoot changed.  Images were captured from joists to walls, cutting to shipping and insulating all within a morning.

The real challenge – the protective clothing (the grey strips).  The whole shoot was done without flash being using as this reacted badly to the fluorescent strip on the shirts and jackets.  So very high ISO and careful planning of the shot took place with high speed shutters capturing bursts of an image so we had no ‘action blur’.  The industrial unit, which acts as the manufacturing plant uses a tungsten lighting systems, so shooting without flash meant changing the colour balance of everything from orange yellow to a human skin colour!  The images were then sent for us by an internal design team by Dropbox..

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