Commercial Photographer. Industrial, Timber Product. OSB.

Commercial Photographer. Industrial, Timber Product. OSB.

24th August 2018 Off By YRSMarketing

Norbord Europe, Inverness

An interesting commission that sort of grew legs – as they so often do – from a presentation ceremony, to a challenge competition of ‘build-it’ to an industrial walk through…

And all to be handled from a light weight rig, as we we’re not exactly told before hand about some of the conditions we were to shoot it – talk about dark and fast moving machinery – throwing a hot shoe flash at the images was like waving a birthday candle out to sea as a lighthouse! 

YRSCommercial, Commercial Photographer Inverness, Norbord Europe.

Commercial Photographer Inverness. Corporate & Brand. Norbord Europe. 1

When it comes to walk about’s and long events, you come to hate Professional Titanium camera builds…

For all our moaning that they ‘don’t build them like they use to, we sort of like the newer versions of the camera this shoot was shot on. They’re 40% less weight. Commercial Photography, Norboard Inverness.

Commercial Photographer Inverness. Corporate & Brand. Norbord Europe. 2

It’s about the expressions, the enthusiasm and the dedication.

Whenever we do workplace shoots or training, we’re more interested in the expressions that show the enthusiasm, the dedication and the professionalism! YRSCommercial, Commercial Photographer, Inverness.

A photo shoot Norbord Inverness.

Commercial Photographer Inverness. Corporate & Brand. Norbord Europe. 3

The thing is, if we’d had been briefed by the PR agency handling the commission for Norboard OSB, we’d have probably probably broken the problem down into two different shoots – the fast moving competition etc one day and then the darker deep industrial shoot another where we work with them to bring in the right lighting – it needs to be prep’d for safety reasons.

Even with high ISO (which can make the image grainy when dull or over cast no matter what the camera manufacturer claims) we ended up ditching huge numbers of images – just a little soft or perhaps to much blur in motion.  The extra lighting would have helped enormously!  So the moral of the day, tell us and we offer as many solutions as possible to get the image right.

Commercial Photographer Inverness. Corporate & Brand. Norbord Europe. 4

Working through the bowls of the plant that makes the mechanically rendered board (OSB), we were asked to capture the walk thorough of the plant – sort of led really, not knowing what the lighting would be – mostly yellow and quite often dark for the rigs. So it was a mater of moving from room to room and adjusting the camera rig. Using flash where possible and to some degree, not when people were there. Why? High visibility clothing has strips, that reflect light – only they don’t just reflect, we could handle that – they positively glow!

YRSCommercial, Commercial Photographer Inverness, Norbord Europe.

Commercial Photographer Inverness. Corporate & Brand. Norbord Europe. 5

Walk through over we were then presented with a large area for the competition build – a sort of take a few boards and create something as quick as you can competition. So fast moving it was and again uniform low light – OK for health and safety but no way bright enough for low ISO – and you can’t bounce the flash anywhere as the warehouse ceiling is some 50 or 60 feet above us.

Fun though – sort of appreciate the rapid changes in ISO ability though – anything less than 2000 was an utter wast of time.

YRSCommercial, Commercial Photographer. Norbord Europe.




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