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Food Photographer. Dried Goods & Pulses. Grape Tree.

22nd August 2018 Off

Food Photographer Wolverhampton We arrived at a large warehouse building on a slightly drizzly Merry Hill day, to be led to a very long boardroom – more like a very wide corridor. We were greeted by our client who began conversations exclaiming admiration – our studio digital foot print on the internet – it’s huge,…

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Food Photographer. Snacks. Vittoria Enterprises.

7th September 2017 Off

Food Photographer. Snacks. Vittoria Enterprises. Food photography for snacks and nibbles – on this occasion plantain chips. We always like working with a new product – it sort of let’s us play with the first visuals, the first brand, the first choices and options of a product’s lifecycle.  On this occasion the beginning resulted in…

By YRSMarketing