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Food Photographer. Dried Goods & Pulses. Grape Tree.

22nd August 2018 Off

Food Photographer Wolverhampton We arrived at a large warehouse building on a slightly drizzly Merry Hill day, to be led to a very long boardroom – more like a very wide corridor. We were greeted by our client who began conversations exclaiming admiration – our studio digital foot print on the internet – it’s huge,…

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Food Photographer. Herbs & Vegetables. Phantassie Foods.

15th August 2018 Off

  YRSFOOD. FOOD PHOTOGRAPHER. PHANTASSIE FOODS. FOOD PHOTOGRAPHER EDINBURGH. RESTAURANT PHOTOGRAPHER, EDINBURGH. FOOD PHOTOGRAPHER & FOOD STYLISTS:  PHANTASSIE FOODS EDINBURGH.   This is going to be a tough one… was the email we received from the commission agent for a range of images using Phantassie foods.  Why was our reply, because they’re vegetables.. With over 100 different…

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