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Food Product Photographer Inverness. John Munro Ltd.

Food Photographer. Meat & Poultry. John Munro Recipe Cards 2

Food Photographer Inverness How to make simple recipes seem appealing and special.  That was the challenge to us at the food photography studio.  Low budget meals, that could be used at different times yet made the dish should feel special and use low cost meat products that are freely available in each of the butchers

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Food Product Photographer Burton on Trent. Jeyel Curry Sauces.

Food Product Photography. Indian Foods. Jeyel Curry Sauces.

Food Photographer Burton on Trent. An amazingly fresh range of new curry sauces, based on family handed down recipes from the southern India region.  The nice thing about these are that they are so light - not thick and over powering - adding a fragrance and spice that compliments the meat, fish or vegetables they

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Food Photographer Edinburgh. Baked Goods. Baba Budan.

Food Photographer. Baked Goods. Baba Budan.

Food Photographer Edinburgh Coming at a time of an early shoot - namely we had been in the studio from about 4.30 am that morning, this particular food shoot was a challenge to say the least. A doughnut and a strong cup of coffee was an absolute, when it came to feeling better about the day. But

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Food Photographer Aberdeen. Meat & Poultry, Speyside Specialities.

Food Photographer. Recipe Cards & Cook Books. Speyside Specialities.

Food Photographer Aberdeen We are often asked by clients to 'create something' with their food product, especially non processed product such as meat or vegetables. But not exclusively, we've done it with product such as pasta, salami etc.  Now we're not talking product development here, we're talking how to use a product that may need

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Food Photographer Birmingham. Catering Food & Menu. Lazy Foods. C11

Food Photographer. Baked Goods. Lazy Lunches.

Food Photographer Birmingham Deep in the burbs of Birmingham is a small catering company, whose ability to create fine food is beyond a normal catering approach - restaurant quality to the office door.  A fine chef, attention to detail and ingredients that are so fresh the result is a restaurant level dish - no matter

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