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Birmingham Cookbook Photographer
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As a specialist food photography studio, it’s nice to work on a cook book or recipe book, everything slows down – the pace at which images are created, the thought process and then style and set design is totally different to that for food product photography which even when stylised is face paced and driven by the inventory list which can be huge.  No matter how many recipes, this commission was for 40, we still had time to chat the image over with the chef/owner and the publisher, then think a little more and whilst the dish was being cooked – reflect on the style and image we have created… sounds great… it also means loads of changing of minds, creation and demolition, then recreation!  So stress free it is not.  But on this occasion – for French recipes, the set was mellow and our only concern; that the herbs and edible props stayed fresh looking.  This was shot on unpolished riven slate, first time we’ve used it and it will not be the last!  And no we can’t tell you who it is because the publisher has told us so!


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