Architectural Photographer. National Memorial Arboretum.

Architectural Photographer Stafford, National Memorial Arboretum


Architectural Photographer, Birmingham.  Case Study – Architectural Photography.

Quite simply an extraordinary place – as if the space itself formed a huge church or cathedral even when you are on the outskirts of the grounds themselves. Nothing fanciful, only reflection and thought provoking use of shape and form in the construction and walls, the names they cherish do all else.

Architectural Photographer Stafford, National Memorial Arboretum
Architectural Photographer Stafford, National Memorial Arboretum. Copyright Protected. Watermarked. IP Monitored.

The photoshoot at the National Memorial Arboretum just outside Alrewas in Staffordshire turned out to be a challenge due to the stunning winter sunshine and as you would guess no matter which direction we chose it always seemed to enter the lens.  Then there was the issue of image contrast, the stone and concrete surfaces, the bronze and cast iron all reflecting almost pure white in the harsh sunlight.  Then of course there was the issue of the architecture itself. The needle stunning in its simplicity had to be managed alongside lower angled walls – so image distortion had to be managed – distance then played its part as all elements were considered for each of the images – adjustments had to be made in Photoshop despite the use of tilt and shift technology.  As for the inside – the opposite issues – very dark shadows thrown over brilliant white surfaces.  We spent quite a bit of time – dissecting the display – there is a lot to see and trying to capture it all in one image seemed to reduce its impact.  So a series of views were taken – each expressing its own story.


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