Architectural Photographer. Hacel Lighting, Brodie Country Store.

Architectural Phootgrapher Inverness Hacel Lighting Brodie


Inverness architectural photographer case study – commercial property and architectural photography.

Hacel a leading manufacturer of LED based lighting systems for retail and other public spaces were used by the interior designers of Brodie Countryfare Stores new extension. A vast interior space with striking architecture and architectural features utilised for both retail and dining space with a futuristic cafe and dining hall – even with clouds in the children’s play area! We were asked to do an architectural photography shoot and property and interior photography shoot of the new build and architectural LED lighting for a new Hacel catalogue – Hacel were quite concerned as lighting is difficult to shoot. We presented them with an architectural approach to the photography, low light to emphasis the environment they created with the specialist LED systems. Not a property shoot, but an architectural lighting photography shoot.

Architectural Photographer Inverness. Hacel Lighting Brodie.
Architectural Photographer Inverness. Hacel Lighting Brodie. Copyright Protected. Watermarked. IP Monitored.


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