Architectural Photographer. Barratts North.


Architectural Photographer Inverness. Barratts North Scotland, Ness Castle.
Architectural Photographer Inverness. Barratts North Scotland, Ness Castle. (Copyright Protected, Watermarked, IP Monitored)

Architectural Photographer Inverness.  Barratts North Scotland, Ness Castle.

Style: Interior Photographer, Interior Photography – Barratts North Scotland, Ness Castle.
All shinny and few signs of anyone living there.  This was the scene that we found at Ness Castle, a new housing development created by Barratts Homes  on the hillsides over looking the Ness valley which leads in one direction to Loch Ness and the other Inverness.  A contemporary feel to the designs using high gloss black doors, plaster cast finishing to the doors and door surrounds each property has an individual feel rather than a mass production look. We were asked by the marketing team to create street scenes for the development – one of a number of commissions for Barratts in the north of Scotland.  Each street scene not only has to show the design of the properties and the unique architectural features, it also has to consider the street design – a skill often overlooked when sales materials are created – the shape of the roads and location of the properties – their sympathetic isolation in private spaces yet still within a housing development, the opportunity of small community spaces and the blend of nature with the built environment.

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