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Style: Food Photographer, Food Photography.  Client:  Ugie Salmon.

A lot of our food clients are now selling directly to the consumer through their websites.  For many it is an extension of their sales force having shied away from the large retail groups, maintaining their profit levels through closer relationships with their customers.  Part of this approach has included recipe design and production.  Using the cards to add to orders, create interest on line and some now even considering portals – all linked to their product.  It makes huge sense providing the recipes are kept up to date and their is a broad collection of choice – a failure by many who just add one or two and then their customers abandon the idea.

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Aberdeen Food Photographer Ugie Salmon. (Copyright Protected, Watermarked, IP Monitored).

For other clients they have begun coming to use as their retail partners are happy to promote such marketing material – if has to be designed to specific criteria but again adds to the brand promotions.  On this occasion we were asked by Ugie following a food photography shoot of their entire product line to help along with recipe cards – it had been an idea that hadn’t quite got off the ground and the idea of trying to match free images from Flickr etc to their recipe ideas… well it was just too much to sort.

So they bought into the outsource option we offer.  We find the recipes and ideas – often from our own library of 20000 or so recipes – once chosen, we cook, style, shoot and the design the cards – all outsourced and delivered normally within 10 days from start to finish.  So they have nothing to worry about or to manage – just proofing that is all. This series was a mixed or Italian and Cajan recipes.  The next – we that could be Moroccan… who knows.

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