Industrial Photographer, YRSCommercial

2nd July 2020 Off

Coming from a 4 generation family of builders… and by builders I mean builders of Crown courts, schools… that sort of thing (called construction), this shoot with Robertsons was an eye-opener for me. Housing using prefabricated timber sections, assembled on site. This factory created the prefab sections. The lads where fantastic – amazed at the…

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Inverness Product Photographer, Martyrs Bay

17th February 2020 Off

“It’s always the case with plaids, the different cloths used, produces different colour intensity for the same pattern also clarity of the plaid pattern changes. So this one, being a range of fabrics using the same or similar pattern was an interesting challenge”. #yrscommercial, #productphotographer, #ecommercewebsite, #ecommercemarketing #invernessproductphotographer, #invernesscommercialphotographer Share This:

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